Women's Rights

Fighting for Reproductive Rights in AZ

On Sunday, July 3, 2022, I had the opportunity to witness democracy at work. There is a petition going around the State of AZ to protect reproductive rights. If they receive 460,000 valid signatures by July 7, 2022, they can get an initiative put on the ballot in November for Arizonans to vote on protecting… Continue reading Fighting for Reproductive Rights in AZ

Anti-Fascism · Poetry

When Does the Book Burning Start? 

VulnerableAre we the peopleIn this democracyDiversityMeans nothingTo those in powerEntitlementIs reserved for the eliteUnauthorized for the poorTransgenderDefies societyAnd confuses the entitledFetusIs neither live nor deadOr doesn’t existEvidence-basedHas no place in the UnionOr the new world orderScience-basedWould prove the elite wrongAnd destroy the fake newsTyrantIs a man who denies freedomTo those he claims to governIndifferentAre those… Continue reading When Does the Book Burning Start?