Women's Rights

Protesting: Democracy in Action

I had the privilege of spending July 4th attending a protest for Women’s Rights in Tucson, AZ. A crowd of people stood on the side of a street shouting as cars passed. I joined some friends for the protest, but I was there to take photos. The photo above is one of them. I wanted to document things that would soon become historical events. Despite the crowd of all ages shouting how they felt about the overturning of Roe v. Wade, there were a couple people that accepted this change wondering around.

One person carried a sign saying something about Jesus. I never got to see it clearly as he kept walking around with a barrage of people shouting at him.  Sometimes they shouted insults. Other times they would chants things like, “God killed his son! Why can’t I!?” A young man and young woman walked around with a sign that read “Trump 2024” and they were quietly chanting, “Hump for Trump.” Part of me wondered if they had been paid to attend and stir the pot. They felt more like internet trolls than real Trump supporters.

Their actions did not stop the many attendees with their signs shouting their displeasure with the Supreme court decision. Many of the signs were clever and fun. I got photos of many though I’m sure I missed a few. There were potentially over 100 different signs on the side of the street. This felt like the best way to celebrate the Independence of my home country instead of watching fireworks. The United States was founded by several people who were not happy with their government, so the best way to celebrate that country is to shout our displeasure with our government.

The battle is only beginning. And I suspect it’ll be a few years before things are moving in the right direction, but we will get there. Do not give up hope. For now, check out the many photos I took during the protest. Start looking for rallies and protests in your area and be a part of history in the making.

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