Women's Rights

Fighting for Reproductive Rights in AZ

On Sunday, July 3, 2022, I had the opportunity to witness democracy at work. There is a petition going around the State of AZ to protect reproductive rights. If they receive 460,000 valid signatures by July 7, 2022, they can get an initiative put on the ballot in November for Arizonans to vote on protecting reproductive rights. Despite the deadline being the 7th, they must have the petitions submitted by tomorrow (July 5, 2022). This allows them time to process them before submitting them to the Arizona Secretary of State. More information can be found online at the AZ Reproductive Freedom website. This also includes locations to sign the petition before they send the petitions off. Many places will still be collecting petitions until 4pm Arizona local time tomorrow (July 5, 2022). 

Below I have a few photos from the petition signing event on July 3, 2022. The top image is also from the event. Everyone was very polite and happy to be there. There was a lot of great energy and I’m proud I got to be a part of something. There are many protests planned as we all continue to fight for everyone’s rights that have been taken away or are being threatened. This is a war on freedom, and it will not end quickly or quietly. Know your rights. Stay informed. Resist.

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