Land of the Free; Home of the Bigots

As we near the 4th of July, I ask myself “Do I feel free?” At this moment I don’t. So many rights of United States Citizens have been taken away or are being considered for removal. What’s worse is the people who elected these public officials making these choices don’t realize once most of our rights are taken away, they’ll start taking firearms from citizens. They’ll take our privacy and our freedom to think for ourselves. I’m surprised no one has started quoting Big Brother from George Orwell’s novel “1984.” “Freedom is Slavery. Slavery is Freedom.”

Our rights are being stripped away by fascists. The United Nations was created to prevent these kinds of things and to my knowledge they are doing nothing to stop what the United States is becoming. We are repeating the events that led to World War II and no one will help us. No one will join us in this fight. We must make change happen. We removed a fascist from the highest office in our country, but we are still cleaning up the mess he made in the Supreme Court. We have the power to set things right again, but it will be a long and tedious process.

We must elect new public officials at all levels; local, state, and national. We must hold those accountable for treason, for lying under oath, and for choosing their party over the wellbeing of the citizens in their country. If we don’t set an example with these corrupt public officials, things will only get worse. And we’d be telling people like them that we don’t mind being abused and controlled. Our country is run by abusers. It’s time for us to stand up and speak out. I’ve had enough. We must take out country back. We the people have the power. Only if we stand united.

We are not the United States of America. We are the United People of America.

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