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Before starting this blog, I had written a handful of posts on my personal blog back in 2020 when so many things were happening. I considered copying and posting them to this site, but they all were specific to certain events from that year and it would seem out of place to post them now on this blog. So, I decided to add links to them in one post and you can choose to read them for yourselves if you wish. I plan to have more posts similar to these along with many other things for readers. I hope you enjoy.

Coffee and Contemplation: Nonviolent Resistance and Protesting
July 19, 2020

“A couple days ago something amazing happened in Portland, Oregon. Portland police ‘retreat’ after standoff with NAKED female protester. A woman walked up to police stopping several feet away and began performing yoga on the street.” (Read More)

One Thing to Consider When Attending a Protest
July 26, 2020

“With the way things have escalated in Portland, and with authorities saying they will send these federal troops to other Democratic led cities, everyone needs to prepare for this in their own cities.” (Read More)

The United States is the Worst Country
November 4, 2020

“As I type this, the US is still counting votes in some states for yesterday’s election. What upsets me is the staggering amount of people who still voted for someone who has allowed 230,000+ people to die from Covid-19.” (Read More)

We have a long way to go before we will see real reform in our government, but this is the time for us all to stand and speak out otherwise things will only get worse. I hope we can resolve things peacefully but I fear things won’t change unless we push back hard. I hope we all make it to the other side.

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